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FEEDING: We recommend meat-based diets for any dogs. Large breeds require less proteins and fats than small breeds, for proper bone & muscle growth. Too much or not enough can cause abnormal growth issues and pain.

We recommend feeding free choice food, having dry food available throughout a 24hr day. We raise puppies this way for 3 reasons.

  1. To avoid the pups having food aggression with other dogs or people.

  2. 2) To avoid over eating or gorging food as it supports improper digestion and GI abnormalities.

  3. 3) To avoid GASTRIC TORSION a very serious and deadly condition found mostly in large deep-chested breeds of dogs. It happens when large meals are eaten followed by brisk to average activity. The stomach twists on it’s self and will cut off circulation to the organs ultimately causing a painful death. Surgery can correct the condition but there is little to protect the dog from death or relapse.

Supplements are recommended: CALCIUM for puppies with ear crops for several weeks until ears stand. CALCIUM & GLUCOSAMINE for puppies showing signs of bone growth pain or lameness for several months until symptoms fade. VITAMINS(Petvits)are NOT recommended if feed your puppy a premium breed specific puppy food. You can actually cause symptoms by giving too much of a good thing.

EXERCISE: It is recommended to limit heavy or excessive exercise for at least the first year of life. Play is a normal part of growing but it can also cause serious injury and permanent damage. Do not allow long periods of running, jumping from heights over 12” or heavy roughhousing with other pets or people. Also activity should be restricted following meals to prevent GASTRIC TORSION.

INJURY: Sometimes pets can injure themselves while at play or even regular activity. It is important to give them plenty of rest time to recover from the injury. This can also insure that the proper growth progresses and is not hindered by long recovery times through re-injury.

ENVIRONMENT: Where you live and it’s conditions can dictate many issues with health and growth. Weather Hot or Cold, Wet or Dry. Terrain can be rocky, woods, with high mineral content, and can have dangerous hazards like chewing pinecones or swimming pools. Indoors has it’s own dangers. Oversee the area prior to placing a new puppy there without supervision.

Some conditions that can be brought on or exacerbated by improper diet, excessive exercise, or environment can include: PANOSTEITIS, HIP DYSPLASIA, PAINFUL GROWTH PLATES, MUSCLE or BONE ATROPHY, OBESITY, LUXATING PATELLAS, PERMANENT INJURY, INTERNAL ORGAN MALFUNCTIONS, GASTRIC TORSION, ETC.